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We are proud of our expertise and we are excited to share it. We are open to all your ideas because our objective is to evolve continuously as a company. Together, we are Evergy.

An international team of experts and a huge wealth of experience.

Evergy Engineering GmbH » Who we are EN - Our core team in Munich
Our core team in Munich

We feel right at home in our beautiful historic villa. It is here that we can develop our full potential and manage our portfolio of projects.

Evergy Engineering GmbH » Who we are EN - and our on-site experts
and our on-site experts

Every project is unique. Having our experts on-site means we can react optimally to country-specific requirements and consistently provide you with the optimal know-how.

Evergy Engineering GmbH » Who we are EN - work on international projects.
work on international projects.

Renewable energies are on the rise globally. Wherever your project is located, we would love to help you realise it.

Evergy – up there with the best!

Evergy Engineering GmbH » Who we are EN - Cooperations
Evergy Engineering GmbH » Who we are EN - Memberships
  • Expert on the Wind Consultants’ Committee for Energy Yield Assessments at the German wind energy association (Bundesverband Windenergie; BWE)
    BWE Wind Consultants’ Committee
  • Member of FGW e.V. – Fördergesellschaft Windenergie und andere Dezentrale Energien
  • Member of SolarPower Europe
  • Evergy is represented by Dr. Pierre Dutilleux on the IEC Working Group “PT 61400-11-2, wind energy generation systems, part 11-2: measurement of wind turbine noise characteristics in receptor position”
    member list

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Evergy Engineering GmbH » Who we are EN
Christoph Boy bicyclist-commuter, working @evergy since 2017
Ich konnte bei Evergy von Anfang an eigenverantwortlich an Projekten arbeiten. Wenn Fragen auftauchen, ist immer jemand da, der einem weiter hilft oder mit dem man sich austauschen kann.
From the very beginning at Evergy, I’ve been able to work autonomously on projects. If I’ve got questions, there’s always someone there to help out or to exchange ideas with.
meet Christoph

The beginning of our future.

Renewable energy sources have shaped our work from the very beginning. We are convinced that they are the future.


Evergy Engineering GmbH founded by Jens Langenbrinck
Evergy Engineering GmbH » Who we are EN
Jens Langenbrinck windsurfer, working @evergy since 2003
Unabhängigkeit im Berufsleben empfinde ich aus persönlicher Sicht als ein Privileg – aus Sicht von Evergy aber als ein Muss, denn sie gibt uns die Freiheit, im Interesse unserer Kunden zu handeln.
To have a career where you have real independence is a tremendous privilege in my opinion. From Evergy’s perspective, it’s absolutely essential, because it gives us the freedom to act in our clients’ best interests.


Thorsten Nogge becomes a managing partner at Evergy
Evergy Engineering GmbH » Who we are EN
Thorsten Nogge biker, working @evergy since 2004
Es gibt bei uns immer wieder neue Team-Zusammensetzungen. Das macht es fachlich, aber auch menschlich spannend.
We’re constantly changing the composition of our teams. This makes it really exciting in terms of expertise, and on a personal level too.
Evergy advises on a 5.3 MVp free-field PV power plant – one of the first large-scale PV facilities in Germany


Marc Böhnke becomes a managing partner at Evergy
Evergy Engineering GmbH » Who we are EN
Marc Böhnke sailor, working @evergy since 2007
Die Erwartungen unserer Kunden sind hoch, die müssen und wollen wir auch erfüllen. Das geht nur durch persönliches Engagement und Fokus auf die Kundenbedürfnisse.
Our clients’ expectations are high and we have to, and want to, fulfill them. This can only be achieved through personal commitment and a focus on our clients’ needs.


Evergy Spain is established in Madrid


Evergy moves its offices to a historic villa on Malsenstraße 84 in Munich


Evergy Italy is established in Bologna
With the Redekin project mandate, Evergy surpasses the level of 1 Gigawatt of total advisory work on successfully concluded wind transactions


With Evergy‘s work on project Serenissima, the firm surpasses the mark of 1 Gigawatt of successfully advised PV transactions


Evergy advises on the Groß-Dölln PV power plant – at 128 MWp, one of the largest PV projects of its time


Evergy India established in New Delhi
Evergy‘s work on Project Glénay leads to it surpassing the 4 Gigawatt hurdle of successfully advised wind farm transactions


The photographer Jörg Fokuhl creates a series of photographic studies from the renewable energy field exclusively for Evergy


Successful ISO certification for an integrated management system consisting of quality management, occupational health and safety management and environmental management