Wind Farm Demircili, Turkey

Technical Due Diligence for a 40 MW Wind Farm

The objectives of the assignment were:

  • to determine and quantify the technical risks and to develop measures for limitation and mitigation of those risks
  • to collect and analyze the information necessary to assess the technical performance of the project and to sustain over its economic life certain performance levels
  • to conduct quality assurance to achieve certification of the project

The scope of work covered the following aspects:

  • On-site inspection including turbine walk down
  • Turbine design review
  • Wind farm design review
  • Determination of expected annual energy yield
  • Evaluation of project documentation
  • Determination of CAPEX and OPEX
  • Evaluation of project contracts
  • Review of licenses and permits
  • Review of wind farm performance based on operational data

Technical Due Diligence for a 40 MW Wind Farm



Year of Mandate


Year of Commisioning


Key Technical Data

  • Total capacity: 40 MW
  • Wind turbines: Nordex N100 & N90 2.5 MW
  • Grid connection: 154 kV substation