Wind Farm Seine Rive Gauche Nord, France

Technical Due Diligence for a 75 MW Wind Farm

The objectives of the assignment were:

  • to determine and quantify the technical risks and to develop measures for limitation and mitigation of those risks and
  • to collect and analyze the information necessary to assess the technical performance of the Project and to sustain over its economic life certain performance levels

The scope of work covered the following aspects:

  • On-site inspection
  • Design review of the wind turbine type
  • Review of site conditions
  • Review of permits
  • Review of grid connection and grid connection contracts
  • Evaluation of project contractors
  • Review of project contracts
  • Support in negotiation of project contracts
  • Review of energy yield assessments
  • Performance analysis based on high resolution SCADA data

Technical Due Diligence for a 75 MW Wind Farm



Year of Mandate


Year of Commisioning


Key Technical Data

  • Totoal capacity: 75 MW
  • Wind turbines: Nordex N100 2.5 MW
  • Grid connection: 90 kV substation