PV Power Plant Ourika, Portugal

Technical Due Diligence for a 46 MWp PV Power Plant

The objectives of the assignment were:

  • Identification of technical risks and development of measures for limitation and mitigation of risks
  • Review of the status of relevant licences and permits required for the construction and operation of the project
  • Review of electric grid requirements and check of the compliance of the power plant
  • Inspection of the power plant

The scope of work covered the following aspects:

  • Evaluation of expected annual energy yield
  • Review of licenses and permits
  • Technical design review
  • Review of grid connection
  • Support in negotiation of project contracts
  • Inspection of power plant

Technical Due Diligence for a 46 MWp PV Power Plant



Year of Mandate


Year of Commisioning


Key Technical Data

  • Total capacity: 46 MWp
  • PV technology: poly crystalline
  • Inverter manufacturer: Power Electronics
  • Grid connection: 150 kV substation
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Joshua Schwall backpacker, working @evergy since 2015
Ein super Projekt ist für mich „Ourika“ in Portugal. Ich arbeite gerne daran und ich kann meine portugiesischen Sprachkenntnisse einsetzen. Inzwischen gibt es Folgeprojekte.
The “Ourika” project is a super project in my view. I love working on it and I can use my Portuguese language skills. There are even follow-on projects in the meantime.
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