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Do you want to be free in your thinking and free in what you do? Do you enjoy broadening your horizons? Do you love digging deep into exciting, technical issues? If the answer is yes, then you’ll feel right at home at Evergy.

What you study, and your grades are of course important, but they are not everything. It also matters that you would work well in our team. And if there’s something you haven’t mastered yet, then you’ll master it at Evergy. Each and every employee’s development is important to us and we’ll find the right fit for you and your unique skills.

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Evergy Engineering GmbH » Working @ EN
Tobias Moser renew-enabler, working @evergy since 2011
Mal arbeite ich an einem Projekt in der Türkei oder den Arabischen Emiraten, dann wieder in Deutschland. Oder ich mache eine Studie über den Windturbinenmarkt in den USA. Sehr abwechslungsreich.
I could be working on a project in Turkey, then on one in the UAE, and then back to one in Germany. Or I could be preparing a study on the wind turbine industry in the USA. It’s very diverse.
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